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Motion Marketing
Motion Marketing Our studio teams have been creating some fun and creative GIFS for clients these past few weeks that will be launched shortly. A GIF..
Limit Phone, Love Print
According to recent research, the average adult now spends four hours a day staring at their smartphone (Moment, 2018). This affects a surprising..
Smartphone to Sureshot
Smartphone to Sureshot The following personal and thought-provoking article was written by one of our ec2i colleagues, Pawel. He is a passionate..
Folio Society Shoot with ec2i
Last month saw our first shoot for The Folio Society. Their beautifully illustrated hardback editions of classic fiction and non-fiction books..
First Date TV Fame for Chrissy
Our very own multi-talented Digital Creative and PIM expert, Chris Summers had his 5 minutes of fame last night by appearing on the highly popular..
Team Tech!
Behind our Renaissance and Synergy catalogue systems that so many of our clients use is an ever-growing team of seven dynamic developers and tech..
2019 Multichannel Retail Report
A 2019 Multichannel Retail Report landed in our inbox recently identifying the top and bottom-ranking UK high street retailers. It gives performance..
Winter Fashion Shoot
Preparations for our location shoots always start with a weather report! Being winter and finding a suitable window with the right conditions becomes..
Bravissimo - harnessing technology
When it comes to harnessing technology to help streamline working practise, Bravissimo have not held back! The brand, whose mission is to inspire big..
Charity Dress Down Day!
It’s almost here! The most stressful (sorry, wonderful) time of the year! And we’ve all come to work today in our bestest, festive jumpers to raise..