Behind the scenes with FatFace
We love working with kids!  And it was especially great to be back shooting with long-standing client Fatface when their own, internal photography..
2021 Showreel
To say it’s been another strange year is, without doubt, an understatement. We started off 2021 with a third Covid lockdown to the despair of just..
On set with Scamp and Dude
We’ve been working with Scamp & Dude, the brand ‘infused with superpowers’ for a couple of years now. It’s famous for its superpower infused leopard..
Behind the Scenes with L'Occitane
We were really excited to experiment with water on our latest shoot for L’Occitane. A summer promotional offer for their best-selling Verbena..
Covid Catalogue Bounce
Yet more evidence has recently been published to confirm, despite the surge in online shopping, catalogues too are enjoying a renaissance. We’re..
Working from Home - We're On It
It’s become the new ‘norm’.  And technology has allowed ec2i to do just that with the majority of our clients working from home too. What this..
ec2i Fashion Photo Shoot
It’s rare that our Photo Studio team gets the opportunity to promote their own ideas or capabilities as, most days, they are working to clients’..
Into The Fold
The Fold embraces ec2i marketing technology to streamline production In a challenging marketplace, premium women’s brand The Fold has been one to..
Kosset Clean Up!
Kosset Clean Up! Never work with children or animals is an age-old maxim as they can be so unpredictable!    But sometimes needs must as in a recent..