The Magic of Retouching

21-Aug-2019 12:03:03

Anyone can photograph and retouch an image these days can’t they? Indeed. But to distinguish your business image and communicate your brand in a polished way, outsourcing this to the experts at ec2i will pay dividends.

Your customers’ decisions are based on what they see, whether online or through the printed catalogue, therefore investing in professional digital photography and retouching can help to set your business apart from others and give it the edge in a crowded market place.


Your own brand identity, customer base and budgets will dictate the level of retouching you require to effectively market your product. Therefore, Pawel, a resident retoucher at ec2i explains how images can be adjusted to varying levels to suit your own requirements.

Photo editing is a necessary procedure. Every raw photo must be edited. Photos are cropped, adjusted for exposure and contrast; white is balanced with appropriate temperature and tint. It’s not a final edit, but the photo presents a foundation for photo retouching.  At this stage, many photos look good, and they don't need further corrections. These basics save time and money, which may be all your product requires.

Photo retouching involves more steps than simple editing and adjustment. Depending on the photos context, work on a photo involves sharpening, removing blemishes, removing distractions in the background and swatch matching.  A photo gains its informative value by focusing on a subject.

Photo manipulation is a dramatic change to the original picture. Some edits require a product to be moved or completely changed, or a face to be altered to present a different definition. 

Pawel has illustrated these levels of retouching in the image here.

ec2i can support you through your image journey to achieve the sales results you want…take a look at the services we offer and get in touch for a free test and quote.

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