Catalogue Resurgence

02-Feb-2021 16:14:56

Now we’re all back WFH under Lockdown 3, the transition provides an almost captive audience to market to. Tangible print in the form of a brochure brings a welcome break from screen time and the constant digital onslaught. It’s a tactile, physical ‘reminder’ of a brand and possesses uniquely strong powers of engagement. Many a client has told us that when a product is dropped from a brochure, there is a corresponding drop in online sales.

Indeed, with so much of our everyday lives now online, door drops and mail are becoming more effective. And across all age groups too. Even brands that have dropped catalogues in the past (Argos, for example) continue to use mail on occasion to engage and re-engage with customers.


We turn to print as a form of escapism and a way to indulge our interests and passions. Look at all those books behind almost every politician on our screens these days… and that feature in so many Zoom rooms!

Indeed, according to Two Sides, the forum for the graphic communications supply chain, the steady decline of brands’ use of catalogues over the past decade has, in fact, made them more desirable giving consumers’ much needed time to themselves without interruptions. And it’s a given that, while we may scan a website for a matter of minutes, a printed piece will stay in the home for up to six weeks. Who hasn’t folded a page to refer back to again and again before ordering online?

Two Sides believes that 2021 will see many retailers explore print catalogues for the first time (we know of one or two of our own clients doing just this). Sadly, with more physical stores permanently closing and moving to online only, it makes perfect sense to experiment with targeted door drops. These printed communications, be they postcards, leaflets, roll fold or small format brochures, land on the door mat and can be looked at where the consumer controls the time and location.

If you need convincing further, a recent survey from the Open University discovered reading for pleasure was the top hobby (30%) and provides a welcome diversion from constant scrolling and the pressures brought on by the pandemic. We put beautiful printed pieces in that category too!

If you want some advice on exploring this lucrative avenue, we have experience in producing printed matter from design to door drop so do give us a call on 01702 541311 or drop us an email.


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