Blooming Flowers

09-Jan-2019 13:35:48

ec2i retouchers improve photographs using different techniques to preserve the individual style and artistic expression that characterises a given brand. But for many of our retouchers it is more a craft than simply a profession. It is also about using additional knowledge of photography and printing processes.

One of our retouchers, Pawel, admits that his flower photography hobby presents an opportunity to extend his retouching knowledge. He believes there is a connection between fashion and flower photography. “The secret of successful retouching is to bring out all the beauty contained in nature, in a similar way to bringing out the best of the design in clothes."


However, the limitations imposed by digital photography or printing processes can create a quality gap, seen when comparing the original photos with the desired result. Pawel’s initial images, shown here, lacked contrast and the colour was flat. He described them thus: “My eyes skimmed the surface of the photos without focusing. Everything was flat, soft with no details to attract attention.” This is where the professional retoucher takes over.

Pawel thinks that a retoucher sees the world through a set of Photoshop filters that imply hidden potential in a photo, ready to be exposed. Pawel decided to correct the light and improve the colour of the images to reflect his memory of the plant. Photo files were in RAW format so he used the Camera RAW filter in Photoshop to bring his memory alive.

Looking at the shots after the manipulation, they draw almost 3D depth with a colourful richness of newly defined intensity. Pawel said that the Camera RAW filter can also be used on JPEGs, TIFs and gives excellent results regarding colour and details of images. A specific combination of setting within the Camera RAW filter can achieve better quality and save time in the retouching process.

We hope you agree the results are blooming fantastic!

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