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Posts about photography:

On set with Scamp and Dude
We’ve been working with Scamp & Dude, the brand ‘infused with superpowers’ for a couple of years now. It’s famous for its superpower infused leopard..
Behind the Scenes with L'Occitane
We were really excited to experiment with water on our latest shoot for L’Occitane. A summer promotional offer for their best-selling Verbena..
ec2i Fashion Photo Shoot
It’s rare that our Photo Studio team gets the opportunity to promote their own ideas or capabilities as, most days, they are working to clients’..
Into The Fold
The Fold embraces ec2i marketing technology to streamline production In a challenging marketplace, premium women’s brand The Fold has been one to..
The Grammar of Colour
Branding uses the psychology behind colours to create visual elements that make up the corporate or brand identity of a company, showing what it..
Printed Pictures Still Rule
When Joseph Nicéphore Niépce took the world’s first known photograph back in 1826, little could he have known how that remarkable discovery would..
Glow in the Dark
We do a lot of magic things at ec2i from replacing products or garments in expensive shoots to… making products glow-in-the-dark, sequins sparkle and..