Glow in the Dark

18-Sep-2019 14:10:51

We do a lot of magic things at ec2i from replacing products or garments in expensive shoots to… making products glow-in-the-dark, sequins sparkle and UV products reflect!  There’s probably nothing our retouchers can’t achieve and we’ve certainly received some strange requests in our time!


The current trend for all things shiny and glowing is a great example. It’s easy to pull on a t-shirt say, or pair of pyjamas and watch the excitement on a child’s face when the garment literally glows in the dark.

But how do we emulate that effect for the printed page or website?

Firstly, our studio takes two shots, one as a normal image with the right amount of light and sharpness to capture the product detail followed by another at a much lower exposure to mimic the night time effect.

19BAUT_B0467_LRD_D02-ANIMATIONNext our retouchers take that second image and place it on a darker background and literally recolour the glow-in-the-dark elements to create a realistic effect.

The same principles apply to UV garments. A second shot is produced at a much higher shutter speed using a special blue UV torch to bring out the detailing before it disappears! It can take several attempts to catch that detail!

Tap the links to view more examples of our retouching and photography.

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