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Bravissimo - harnessing technology

When it comes to harnessing technology to help streamline working practise, Bravissimo have not held back!  The brand, whose mission is to inspire big boobed women to feel amazing, partnered with ec2i in early 2017 for catalogue and image production and were keen to move to a simplified workflow using ec2i’s customised technology offerings.

ec2i adapted their Renaissance Image Library (DAM) to mirror Bravissimo’s requirements then integrated a production workflow within Renaissance (CMS) to allow easy access to mark up imagery for correction, add metadata, apply status’s to log each step of the process and to automatically file the approved imagery into the correct folders within the image library (DAM).  Having the ability to do this all in one system online, with multiple user access and keeping an audit trail of each step works hand in hand to streamline the team’s working practise and reduce the manual processes originally involved at every stage. 

"Vital information is often lost in email chains or amongst the piles of paper doing the rounds for approval, so having this all online was a great way of collating the information for us and being able to easily keep track of where we are in the production process."

The same annotation, automation and status workflow has also been applied to the catalogue and photography production, all within Renaissance too, keeping the processes consistent throughout and allowing Bravissimo to have full visibility of the whole production process through an online browser at anytime, anywhere.  They are also safe in the knowledge that their assets are all backed up and secure. They also have the ability to access historic jobs, create flat plans, page turners and combined PDF booklets of their productions at the click of a button to be able to share around the business.

“By utilising the ec2i systems, we are always aware of what stage images and jobs are in the production process just by going online. This has cut down on admin and time wasted, and has made things simpler and easier.”

Watch the DAM and Online proofing video to find out how ec2i’s technology offerings can support your production workflows.