Autumn Glory

24-Oct-2018 16:58:16

It was a cold misty 6am start, with a mission to refresh our new website imagery. Our team arrived on location excited for the day ahead, all wrapped up, fully loaded with kit, models, make-up, flasks of coffee and bagels! The sky overhead was crystal clear with a few scattered clouds on the horizon, soaked in rich amber and purple shades as they reflected the sun’s early morning energy.

Once parked up we glanced over our recce shots while the final touches of make up were applied to our models. We were chasing the early morning mist and boy did Mother Nature provide us with the goods. Down a dark bridle path, crunching the fallen amber leaves underfoot, we found our first spot. The sun’s rays beamed through the trees, cascading broken light onto the woodland floor catching the hazy mist as they did so. We definitely got the hero shot (top) early on in this shoot!  

As the sun grew higher in the sky we walked to our different locations alternating between our models Gemma and Camilla, not forgetting the gorgeous Roxanne (Andy, the photographer’s, working Cocker Spaniel) . 


Says Andy: “I used my Nikon 85mm 1.8 & 50mm 1.4 lenses for this shoot as they are great in low light and, because they have a big maximum aperture, you can really blow out and soften up the backgrounds. The flash was used to provide some fill light to separate the model from the background. The grid narrows the beam of light so it is more concentrated but it also softens it a tad. I’m really pleased with the shots, it was a great day’s shoot and it totally helps when the weather plays ball.” 

Please click HERE to see the whole shoot. We offer location photography as a service in addition to our studio work, so if these images strike a chord and you’d like a quote please e-mail: 

Photographer: Andy Wakeling
Models: Camilla Toulson, Gemma Bowkis
Stylists: Hannah White, Megan Kerr
Hair and Make-Up: Libby Johnstone
Creative Assistant: Chris Summers

Nikon D810, lenses: Nikon 85mm 1.8 & 50mm 1.4, Nikon sb600 flash off camera with wireless trigger, with a Magmod grid and diffuser attached.



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