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Some things are just more important!

Please excuse this post for not being work related, but sometimes other things are just more important!

In business we have a large network of contacts and simply helping to raise awareness can go a long way. Below is just one example of how The Sick Children's Trust help families when they need it most.  

Last week during my morning coffee making ritual, I bumped into my colleague Alex Burgess who informed me that he had become an uncle and my natural reaction was congratulations. 

Alex was clearly delighted to become an uncle, but he then went on to tell me that his little niece, Sophia was born premature. Weighing just 1lb 10 ounces, Sophia had been transferred from Southend Hospital to the Royal London Hospital for essential care. 

Alex went on to explain that his brother and wife had spent the first night sleeping in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit inside the Royal London Hospital because they did not want to leave Sophia.

I guess nobody really thinks about the logistics of a situation like this, the parents live in Chelmsford which meant a minimum 90 minute round trip, back and forth to the hospital, but, of course they did not want to be that far away from Sophia.

This was causing added pressure and concern to an already difficult situation. Thankfully, t
hey were approached by a lovely lady called Deborah, who is the House Manager from The Sick Children's Trust

Having been briefed about the situation, Deborah offered the parents a private bedroom in nearby Stevenson House. The house is shared with other families in similar circumstances and offers a communal kitchen and living space, just a couple of minutes away from the Royal London Hospital.

This amazing gesture meant that the parents could be close to Sophia during a highly stressful and difficult period. 

The Sick Children’s Trust provides families with ‘Home from Home’ accommodation and is able to do this through the generosity of private donations. Sophia is fighting new battles on a daily basis and could be in hospital for several months. 

Alex is determined to thank the charity that helped his family during this difficult time. To read the full story or donate then please click here: