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Product Information Management 

A single source of truth for all your product information and related media.

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Consolidate and Conquer

We do not believe in divide and conquer, to drive efficiencies and produce reliable content you must first consolidate your data. 

The Renaissance Product Information Management (PIM) database facilitates the storage and centralisation of all your product data, such as descriptive text, SKU information and pricing. The real magic starts when that information is associated with the related rich media, such as images and videos. 

Automatically link product information with the associated media and establish relational links. Products can have parent / child relationships which are especially useful when you have different variants of the same product. All the relational information and previews are displayed inside a user friendly interface supported by a robust search engine. 

The Renaissance PIM can be used as a stand alone application, but if you are using the Renaissance Job Management application alongside the PIM, you can approve your files which are then automatically linked to your products inside the PIM database. 

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Why do I need a PIM?

Marketing teams should be focused on producing great content which drives user engagement and sales. 

Having a single source for all your product information and related media enables you to push data across all your output channels, confident in the knowledge your data is accurate.

You set the business rules to protect the integrity of your data by deciding which fields are editable, by which users, in which areas. Decide if you want all the data to be flowed one way from the PIM to the chosen output channels or allow changes at the channel source (such as Adobe InDesign) to be flowed back into the PIM.

Renaissance PIM Features at a glance

Unlimited SKUs

Unlimited SKUs and unlimited attributes 

Push Product data

Product Data can be pushed and stored inside your image metadata 


Categorise products together in ranges

Link Data

Link product data with your rich media to create relational data

Audit trail

Historical audit of all text changes made in the database

Parent / Child

Parent / child relationships to easily manage multi shot products

Attribute Linking

Shared attribute linking for common assets such as logos

Multiple currency

Supports multiple currency pricing formats


Reporting dashboard shows usage across your channels

API Connector

Connect to 3rd party systems & import / export Excel spreadsheets

Permission based

Show or hide print and web attributes on a per user basis

Easy search

Fast reliable search engine to find your products and relational data