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Digital Asset Management & Online Proofing

The Renaissance DAM allows you to store, find, retrieve and repurpose all your assets from one central repository with inbuilt online proofing for file collaboration and approvals
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DAM & Online Proofing 2 min overview

Renaissance Digital Asset Management

Get instant previews of all your digital files as they are uploaded into the system. If the Renaissance DAM detects a change in a digital file, it will automatically generate a new preview, ensuring you have full visibility of the latest files from your web browser. Previews are generated for almost any file type, including: PDF, Image, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe InDesign and Video formats. 

The Renaissance DAM has a host of other benefits, such as: custom download of images in your chosen format, colour space or resolution, sharing batches of files, searching, and file management. Another important feature (especially with GDPR regulation) is the ability to set expiry dates, which, when met will automatically remove all download abilities on the expired asset. 

Renaissance DAM is a great tool to use as a data repository across all your digital files, even after your job is no longer in production. Stakeholders can find and request use of assets fully controlled by user permissions. Custom metadata fields can be created, ensuring your digital assets can be tagged for easy retrieval upon search. 

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Renaissance Online Proofing

Renaissance Online proofing allows you to review, mark-up and collaborate on any image or document inside the Renaissance DAM (with permissions). 

Users can review files by using the inbuilt annotation tools to mark-up and highlight areas on the image or page, before applying comments. Users can even highlight text which will be extracted into a comment for mark-up or get a colour breakdown of any graphic. Unlimited Zoom and user friendly navigation, allows users to view files before making comments or decisions such as ”corrections required” or ”approved”. 

As files are corrected, the online proofing tool will automatically version the new file, allowing users to action side by side, overlay or blink comparisons against older versions of the proof. Online proofing drastically speeds up your workflow and gives a full audit trail of all your mark-up and comments. 

Renaissance DAM & Online Proofing - Features and Benefits

Centralised repository

Store all your digital assets in one central location avoiding duplicates, accessible 24/7 365

Controlled permissions

Users only access the assets and functionality granted to them via controlled secure permissions

Automated workflows

Bespoke workflow automations can be applied dependent on actions such as approvals or file uploads etc.

Share assets

Create a collection of files and share the link with external collaborators 

Expire assets

Apply timeframes to your assets which will lock or be watermarked upon an expiry date

Drag and drop upload

Upload files into the DAM repository with simple drag and drop 

Custom look and feel

Brand your site with your own logo and corporate colours etc.

View inside documents

See inside documents such as Adobe InDesign without needing the application

Markup & annotations

Provide clear feedback with user friendly markup tools inside the online proofing application

Version comparison

Compare old and new versions with side by side, overlay or blink comparisons 

Powerful search

Search and find assets quickly using search and filters and even apply your own metadata

Re-purpose assets

Download assets in your chosen format and colour space right to your desktop