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Catwalk Video

Nothing stands still for long in the world of fashion and it’s said that a product video can boost sales and cut returns as consumers feel more confident in making a purchase after watching a video. 

Our team can also video your location shoots and provide short, sound-bite “how to” videos for your website to boost sales.

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Illustrations offer endless opportunities to be creative in your design, whilst providing a visual story about a product or service you are trying to promote. Illustrations can turn something that is difficult to explain, into something fun, memorable and digestible for your audience. 

Bring a product or topic to life with an Animation that can be played on your own website, trade show booth or in-store. 

ec2i will story board, script and source the voice-over before bringing the topic to life with characters and animations. Examples of our work can be found throughout this website. Check out our DAM page, which brings digital asset management to life in a fun way. 

Post Production Video Editing

Post Production can sometimes be overlooked, but it is the place where an average video becomes an amazing video. Our Editors will work with you, to enhance the emotion of scenes with subtle colour changes, effects and mood music.

We can work on your raw video content and even your archives so please talk to us about any video edits or video production requirements. We will work on any post production projects. Bring your video to life with ec2i.


Behind the Scenes 

Perhaps you would like to have a “Behind the Scenes” video of your photo shoot for Marketing or Training purposes. We can film and edit your photography shoot from anywhere in the world, be from New York, Milan, South Africa or inside our Southend or London Studios. 

A behind the scenes video is a great way to capture your shoot preferences, favourite spots and offer tips and tricks to ensure continuity in future shoots. Used for Marketing purposes it can be a fun way to capture your brand from behind the scenes giving people an insight into your creativity and passion.